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• What is Project Ex3? •

Project Ex3 is a nation wide initiative to inform, involve, and inspire people to make ours the fittest, healthiest country on earth.


Different Ways To Learn

All of the resources on the Project Ex website are integrated into one easy-to-use fitness plan. Everything links together and is easily accessible across all platforms. For example, videos you have to watch for a specific training tool will all be integrated into the same app and the whole experience will be highly customizable.


Listen in as experts host podcasts on subject matter ranging from scientific studies to the best playlists to pump you up before your run.


Watch as a variety of hosts guide you through everything from yoga classes to healthy recipes to interviews from special guests in specific fields.


Read intuitive ebooks that illustrate health teachings, and animate their pages to let readers interact with the information held there.


Get organized with a database of personalized templates that help you create schedules, dietary tracking sheets, and a health and wellness diary.


Get going with tools that track your goals and progress, like your caloric intake, your hours of sleep each night and the miles you run each day.

Web Links

Learn more with a huge network of curated resources that are highly accessible from the Project Ex page and have Dr. Wells’s personal stamp of approval.


Here you can see your accomplish- ments compared to other users' and what you still need to focus on.


When you complete a challenge, collect a badge and show it off in your profile. Quit smoking, drink more water or ace an interactive health quiz.


See where you're at on any specific challenge with a status bar that tracks you on a daily basis.

Different Ways To Connect

Update your profile and follow other Project Ex members to see how the health community is shaping up. Drop pins, tag people and encourage other user's and yourself by having the option to track your road to health publicly.


Dr. Wells will walk you through his personal return to health and provide valuable information as you do the same. He will apply his scientific expertise to your overall wellness and encourage you every step of the way.


Project Ex provides templates, programs and interactive technologies that help people improve their health, fitness and performance. These are the tools to use to change your sleep, energy levels and digestive health.


Help us build a nation of people invested in improving their energy, flexibility, endurance, strength and happiness that reaches far beyond the fitness community. Here you will interact with and find inspiration in others on the road to health.